Basics Of Pharmacy: Hospital Pharmacy

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy is the department or health care service inside the hospital which is involved in purchasing,  dispensing, and storage of medicines and medical devices.

Hospitals are the places where a large number of patients come for treatment and check up and for their treatment and checkup medicines, medical devices are required which are provided to them from the pharmacy located inside the hospital.

Definition Of Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy is the department inside the hospital that is run under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist and is involved in procurement,  preparation,  dispensing and storage of medicines.

Division Of Hospital Pharmacy

For easy and simple understanding hospital pharmacy is divided into the following subdivisions.

  • Main Store

  • Central Pharmacy

  •  Satellite Pharmacy

  • Outpatient Pharmacy

Main Store

The main store is also known as a warehouse for bulk storage of medicines and medical devices.

 It is the place where after purchase medicines and supplies are stored in bulk.

It is under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist and all the record of supply is maintained here properly.

To keep a balance between supply and demand new purchase orders are generated according to the requirements.

The main store is the place from where medicines and related supplies are provided to the centralised and outpatient pharmacy.

Central Pharmacy

Central pharmacy is the main pharmacy situated inside the hospital which provides medicines and related supplies to indoor patients. Central pharmacy is also responsible to provide medicines and related supplies to different wards and intensive care units.

Basic Requirements For Central Pharmacy

Following are some basic requirements  of central pharmacy,

  • It should be located at the centre of the hospital so that it can easily be accessible to all the wards of the hospital.

  • It should have sufficient space for storage of medicines and supplies.

  • It should have a proper area for compounding and dispensing of required medicines.

Satellite Pharmacy

Satellite Pharmacy is the remote extension of the centralised pharmacy within the hospital to provide fast and specific medicines in specific wards.


Satellite pharmacy is the branch of centralised pharmacy which is located on the floor of each ward.

Suppose if a hospital has 10 wards then it is very difficult for every ward to take medicines and other supplies from a centralised pharmacy for each patient,  that is why on the floor of every ward a small pharmacy is located which has all the necessary medicines and supplies specifically for that ward.

These satellite pharmacies ensure fast and accurate delivery of medicines.

Outpatient Pharmacy

Outpatient Pharmacy is the pharmacy situated in the hospital which is responsible for the supply of medicines to the outpatients.

Responsibilities Of Hospital Pharmacist

Following are some important duties or roles of a hospital pharmacist,

  • Compounding of medicines to the hospital patients.

  • Dispensing of medicines to the patients.

  • Labelling of medicinal containers.

  • Maintain proper stock of medicines.

  • Ensure proper stock of anti-dots.

  • Maintain all required records.

  • Prepare an annual product review.

  • Ensure a good source for the purchase of medicines and supplies.

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