Basics Of Pharmacy: Learn Basic Pharmacology Through MCQs

Monday, August 22, 2022

Learn Basic Pharmacology Through MCQs

Q :1

_____Is known as pharmacokinetics?

 a) The knowledge of Absorption, Distribution Metabolism, and Excretion of Drugs

 b)The study of new Drug-Drug Development

 c) The study of Distribution, absorption, Metabolism, and Excretion of drugs

The Correct Answer is (a)


Which one of the following Chemical substances Inhibits the growth of Bacteria?

a)  Antidots

b)  Antibiotics

c)  Hormones

The Correct Answer is (b) 


The most safest and Economical route of Administration is? 

  a)  Oral Route

  b)  Sublingual Route

  d)  A and b both 

  The Correct Answer is (a) 


What are factors that affect the rate of Absorption of Drugs?

 a) Route of administration

 b) Solubility

 c) Site of administration

 d) All of the above

 The Correct Answer is (d) 


 Select the most important route of excretion of drugs?


 a)  intestine

 b)  Kidney

 c)  Sliva, bile

 d)  All of these

 The Correct Answer is (d)  


Which of the following route is unstable for Oil-based drugs?

   a) Oral Route

   b) Intravenous

   c) Transdermal

  The Correct Answer is (b)


Which of the following is incorrect about the Intravenous Route of Administration?

  a) Stable for oily Substances

  b) Hypertonic solutions Injected

  c) Immediate Effect

  d) Valuable in an emergency

 The Correct answer is (a)


Nitroglycerine is Administered by which route?

a)  Sublingual route

b)  Oral route

c)  inhalation route

d) Injectible

The Correct Answer is (a)


Oil-based drugs can be injected by which route?

a)  IM

b)  IV

c) Transdermal

d) Intra Spinal

The Correct Answer is (a)  


 The most common mechanism of absorption of drugs from the GIT tract is—----?

     a)  Aqueous Diffusion

     b)  Passive Diffusion

     c)  Carrier mediated Diffusion

     d)  Concentration Gradient


    The correct answer is (b) 


A test dose of Antibiotics is Administered by which of the following Routes?

        a)  Subcutaneous

        b)  Intradermal

        c)  intramuscular

        d)  Intravenous

The Correct Answer is (b)


The driving force for passive diffusion is —--?

a)  Concentration Gradient

b)  DIffusion

c)  Electrochemical Gradient

The correct answer is (a) 



The term Bioavailability is _____?

a)  The amount of Therapeutic Agent bind to the Plasma Protein

b)  The amount of Therapeutic Agent that crosses the blood-brain barrier

c)  The rate and extent of Administered Therapeutic Agent reach the  Systemic Circulation

The correct answer is (c) 


The process by which a Therapeutic Agent  Reversibly leaves the bloodstream and enters the tissue and Extracellular fluids are known as?

a) Distribution

b) Bioavailability

c) Diffusion

d) Blood flow

Correct Answer is (a)


 Which of the following route of Administration leads to the First Pass Effect

 a) Sublingual 

 b) Oral

 c) intramuscular

 d) Intravenous

The correct answer is (b)  


The Permeability of Capillary is determined by which of the following Factors?

a) Structure of Capillary

b) Chemical nature of Active Moiety

c) Dosage form

d) A and b both

The correct answer is (d) 


Which one of the following is a major Drug Binding Protein?

a) Albumin

b) Glycoprotein

c) Fibrinogen


 The correct answer is (a) 


Which of the following Factors affect the Distribution process?

   a) Lipid solubility

   b) Molecular Weight

   c) Capillary Permeability

   d) All of these

 The Correct Answer is (d) 


The total amount of drug available in the patient's body is known as the?

a) Plasma Concentration

b) Volume of Distribution

c) Concentration of Drug

The Correct Answer is  (b) 


 Phase 2 Drug Metabolism Reaction is involved in —---?

a) Hydrolysis

a) Reduction 

c) Oxidation

d) Sulfation

The correct answer is (d)  


Which of the following Enzyme is essential in the phase 2 Reaction?

a) Transferase

b) Esterase

c) Amidase

d) Reductase

The correct answer is (a) 


Distinguish Between Simple Diffusion and Facilitated Diffusion?

a) Carrier Mediated Transport

b) Concentration Gradient

c) Lipophilicity

The Correct Answer is (a) 


The process by which living cells engulf other particles such as microorganisms is known as____?

a) Phagocytosis

b) Endocytosis

c) Pinocytosis

The correct answer is (a) 


Select the correct statement for passive diffusion?


a) The flow of particles from the area of higher concentration to the lower Concentration through a membrane

b) The flow of particles from the area of lower concentration to higher concentration through a membrane

c) A and B both

The Correct Answer is (a) 


Which one of the following cells Makeup the Blood-Brain Barrier?

a) Endothelial cell

b) Fat Cells

c) Epithelial cells

The Correct Answer is (a) 


 Drugs action on the body is called?

a) Pharmacodynamics

b) Pharmacokinetics

c) Pharmacotherapeutics

The Correct Answer is (a) 


 Which one of the following substance bind with Receptors and inhibit its Natural Function?

a) Agonist

b) Intrinsic Efficacy

c) Antagonist  

The Correct Answer is (c)  



 IV Administration gives?    

a)100% Bioavailability

b) 90% Bioavailability

b) Rapid Absorption

c) Rapid Dissolution

The Correct Answer is (a) 


If the Drug is given orally, What is the main principle site of absorption?

a) Stomach

b) Small intestine

c) Large intestine

The Correct Answer is (b) 


Half-Life of a drug is helpful to determine the ___?

  1. Time to get a steady state

  2. Site of administration

  3. Distribution of drug

The Correct Answer is (a)

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